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1-5 Hours (10am-4pm EST Monday to Saturday)

If Not Found Here - Try This Other Server - It will be Found !

SAMSUNG S8 & S8+  will take some additional time , once ordered, order cannot be cancelled (ETA 1-5 Business days)

*No refund if phone does not prompt and code is provided.

*Samsung Galaxy Avant (No Refunds if ordered)

*T-Mobile USA & Metro PCS phones containing the unlocking app are not supported (No Refunds if ordered)

*CDMA, Tracfone and Net10 not supported

Samsung Galaxy S5 / Note 3 USA U.S.A Worldwide 

Samsung USA Express Gaxlaxy S5, Note 3 (1-5 Hr)

Do not order Unlock Code for your Samsung Cell Phone if your Samsung Cell Phone have "Device Unlock App" installed (even if you find a way to enter code in cell phone). These concern last version of Samsung released after June 2015 and will concern most likely all future Samsung Cell Phone. Code will NEVER work on Cell Phone with "Device Unlock App" and we'll not refund order.


clean ANY Tmobile Devices. Devices will be removed from lost/stolen and listed as clean. Blocked devices POSSIBLY ( High Success Rate ) can be cleaned to state outstanding balance to work with the carrier




No Fraud Devices, will return failure


We provide 7 days warranty if devices goes bad. After that if goes bad, we can try and assist to remove the blacklist but NO GUARANTEES.




Pantech phone: C520 Breeze, C530 Slate, C610, C630, C740 Matrix, C790 Alladin-Duo, C810 Duo, C820 Matrix Pro, P1010, P2000 Breeze II, P2020 Ease, P6010 Pursuit II, P6020 Swift, P7000 Impact, P7040 Link, P7040p Link II, P8000 Crossover, P8010 Flex, P9020 Pursuit, P9050 Laser, P9060 Pocket, P9070 Burst, PG-1400, PG-1900, PG-C3, PG-C300 and more.

NO VERIZON PHONE ( Do not submit Imei that begins with 9900XXXXX )


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Unlock code :  Model: IPHONE 5S 16GB BLACK
IMEI: 0132340093xxxxx
Serial: QR212Exxxxx
MAC Address: 189EFC186642
ICCID: 89470311120427076342
Product Version: 5.0.1
First Unbrick Date: 06/12/13
Last Unbrick Date: 02/08/13
Unbricked: true
Unlocked: false
Unlock Date:
Original Carrier: Norway Telenor.
Initial Activation Policy Description: 55 - EMEA Service.
Applied Activation Policy Description: 224 - Norway Telenor.
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: 224 - Norway Telenor.
Replacement devices:
Serial  ########  IMEI  ########  Type Replacement Date
QR215Exxxxx 013124009xxxxx Active 04/27/12
831075xxxxx 0125450044xxxxx Original 04/27/12

FULL GSX REPORTS/RESULTS as shown below. e.g :
(Report/Detail may vary depending on model/activation/status/manufactured date)

                                            APPLE DEVICES   Apple iPhone 4S 32GB White                        
              IMEI NUMBER   123456789012345
                           APPLE WARRANTY   NONE | APPLE CARE Expiry Date
   WARRANTY STARTS   January 01, 2010
       WARRANTY ENDS   January 01, 2011
     SIM-LOCKED STATUS   Locked | Un-Locked
                                             *Added Bonus   Device Technical Detail (if available)
                                                                         Find My iPhone Feature (if available)


Service Open Mon-Fri from 7am to 8pm (China Timezone), code usually ready in few minutes during regular business hours but because of week end we have to advertise as 1 to 48 Hours.

We deliver only the NCK code with this service so absolutely no complaint will be accepted if you need more than NCK (if you need more, please use directly "All Levels" services)

NOT supported CDMA Phones IMEI starting 99xxxxxxxxxxx and 352452xxxxxxxx make sure not to submit such IMEIs, cause code will come like this SPC=000000 which is CDMA programming code.

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